About The Artist


Judith Starchild was born and raised in the Washington, D.C. suburbs and migrated to the southwest Virginia mountains with her young family in 1976.


Ms. Starchild became a self taught artist at a young age and continued to learn technique throughout her life from various private tutorials.  She believes that the most determining factor in succeeding as an artist is in "having the gifts of inspiration and passion that drive the creative process". She possesses both.


As a "Visionary Realist" her signature infusion of spirit, magic, and meaning into everyday life gives to all of us the experience of making the "ordinary" extraordinary.  
She describes herself as an "Evolutionary" committed to the uninhibited pursuit and empowerment of human potential and truth.  Her spirited journey is illuminated in acrylic and oil paintings and mixed medium sculpture.


She has also worked as a registered nurse both in the work force as well as directing an all volunteer medical project in Central America.  At the close of these projects Ms. Starchild turned her full time focus into her art. For the past few years she has worked without distraction in her studio on several paintings and sculptures.

In addition, this year she has discovered her interest in designing and making jewelry and has launched a line of one-of-a-kind jewelry art called "MOJO COUTURE".

Ms. Starchild believes inspiration belongs to everyone and that art is the universal language intended to give our meaning a clear and potent voice.

She now resides in Roanoke, Virginia, with  Lola, her talented little red dachshund.

ENJOY the work you view in this gallery.  The art is available for sale in high quality archival pigmented prints, signed by the artist.  Please contact the artist for print availability and prices.

"MOJO COUTURE" is available for sale.  Please  contact the artists for available pieces.