"WORDS Can't express how much I LOVE EVERYTHING you sent!! You are amazing, and they just get more exciting every year! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!"  

~Jennifer Styskal Faust


Judith Starchild's travels and artistry have inspired her to create a brilliant jewelry line, MOJO COUTURE. Perfect name for the show stopping nature of the collection.These jewelry pieces make heads turn quickly and conversations start fast. Who are you wearing, indeed! Each design is a one of a kind statement. Many necklaces, earrings and bracelets may be adorned with tiny copper pots from the artist's travels to Mexico. Another theme may be the ocean, fish or mermaids.Then, there are the with little pictures of Frida Kahlo mixed with so many other sparkling surprises.. What they all have in common is pizazz. The Taubman Museum in Roanoke, Virginia began carrying MOJO COUTURE in 2011. Within a month, every woman employed by our art museum owned at least one piece of  MOJO and it sold to women from all walks of life and all ages. If you do not own a piece, run and get your MOJO on!

- Dian Tapscott, Manager of the Taubman Museum Store 2011-2013


Thank you so much or sharing your art with me. Both my MOJO peices are very personal - one that spoke to my love for the earth and another that spoke to my love for my children. Both are sso much fun to wear and to talk about.

- Alterra Hetzel


As a "Visionary Realist", Ms. Starchild infuses spirit, magic and meaning into each jewelry art piece she creates....thus giving every MOJO COUTURE piece the ultimate place of treasure in your jewelry collection - each so unique, each so sentimental....this is a piece that will get passed to the next generation...thank you for creating my favorite piece - charms from my Great-Grandmother, Grandmother and Mother all on one beautifully orchestrated chain - LOVE IT !!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nancy Harris Miller ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~